Have you ever wondered what the attributes are that make superior quality? Is it the feeling you get of knowing that you can enjoy your purchase without wishing perhaps you had made a different decision? Is it just the satisfaction of knowing you found what you were looking for?

Whatever your reason, you can rest assured that when you purchase Atlantic Beef from Atlantic Beef Products Inc. you will experience the feeling of knowing you made the right decision.  We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers.

Our beef is produced by Atlantic Canadian family farmers who care not only about their product and their livelihood but also about their community, their friends and their families. When you decide to purchase Atlantic Beef you are not only purchasing a superior quality product, you are also supporting your local farmers, your community and your environment. We are proud to offer Atlantic Beef and we look forward to serving Atlantic Canada and beyond with the highest quality beef in the world – which also just happens to be local!

Our Quality Comes From Tradition

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Certified Halal Beef from Atlantic Beef Products Atlantic Beef Products Inc., eastern Canada’s only Federally Inspected producer of high quality beef and ground beef, is proud to announce that it has received certification from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada.

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